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H - Hazardous Materials Endorsement Test
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Doug from Connecticut wrote:
I just wanted to give you praise on the hazmat test study program. I have battled a learning disability all my life (60 years). I feel that I can be teach proof. I really enjoyed your study program. I had to spend a little more time than others have said that they did but I did not seem to mind it. Needless to say the test was a disappointment. It was over in a couple of minutes and I felt no challenge. I answered the first 8 questions correct and a congratulations you passed showed up. I was in shock and worried for no reason. It has been a long time since I took any kind of a test but it sure felt good leaving the testing room.
I hope someone reads this and it helps them make a good choice and select you. It was the right choice for me. Thanks and keep it going.
       Doug T Danbury Ct

Rob from New York wrote:
Hey Drivers,
    This was the best money I ever spent. I only missed one hazmat question out of 60 w/ tanker endorsment. I spent one nite reviewing it for a couple of hrs. and I was ready! You won`t be disppointed.

Richard from Connecticut wrote:
I have taken the hazardous materials test since 1990 so all I needed was a refresher. I went through the hazmat quiz getting a 97% out of the 61 questions the first time and 100% the second time I took it. Went to the DMV scored 100% which was getting 8 out of 8 questions correct. All I can say is this website gives you exactly what you will get at the DMV and is well worth the $9.99 I payed.
      Thanks Richard

Joe from Connecticut wrote:
Went over the guide an hour be for going to the DMV. Took and passed the test in under 4 min the inspector thought I failed I was done so fast. Each question was spot on thank you.

Matt from Oregon wrote:
Well after reading all of the great reviews, I decided to join and study the practice tests for my Hazmat renewal. I purchased the practice test program yesterday afternoon and took the test the next day. I Passed and only missed 1 question. It was a question regarding the placards needing to be against a contrast color. Don’t remember seeing that information anywhere but not a big deal. Just about all the questions were in this study program! I Highly recommend it to anyone that wants to pass the Hazmat with one try!!!
        Matt Hillsboro, Oregon

Gary from Tennessee wrote:
I studied your test for 2 days and reviewed it this am before taking the test. Got 24 out of 25 correct. Thanks alot. Good product.
        Gary Camden, Tn

Thomas from Georgia wrote:
Purchased your program a few weeks ago after reading some of the reviews left from past purchasers. I am pleased to say your program is as described and right on with actual test questions and answers. I just passed my CDL roadtest and also just took my Georgia hazmat test today and passed. I missed only 2 questions out of 30 scoring a 93% pass. I would highly recommend your product to current and future drivers. Thanks!

William from Arizona wrote:
I purchased your haz-mat practice test to brush up and get the endorsment on my Arizona CDL. I studied on the day before and just before going to the DMV and I have to tell you I was a bit nervous, as I begun the test it was like word for word from your practice test. Needless to say I scored a perfect 100% thanks to your practice test. Well worth the $$$ I will recomend it to all my friends for sure. Thanks

Fred from California wrote:
I live in California. Purchased your practice tests yesterday, studied each test 3 times, took the test today at DMV, and passed 100%. Most of the questions came from your practice tests. I would recommend your system to anyone.
        Thanks Fred from CA

Todd from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania wrote:
WOW!, Best money i've spent. I studied your product and within 2 hours I took the test and passed it with 100%. Anyone who is thinking of taking the test needs to purchase this product. it will be the easiest test they ever took.
        Todd from Pittsburgh, PA

Joseph from South Carolina wrote:
First time taking the hazmat test I only completed 17 question before the computer cut off and told me that I failed. My back was against the wall because I had a company waiting to hire me the very next day if only I pass the test. After reading about others on your website gave me hope and so I paid the $12.99, and 4 hours later I went to the DMV and only missed 2 questions! Wow! Now, that is what I call results!! Thank you very much.
        South Carolina

Art from California wrote:
I bought this the day before my dmv test. I read through the dmv book then took your practice test. After a couple of tries, I was able to ace all the practice test multiple times. I took the practice test twice more the morning of my dmv appointment. Your product is great. I got a 100% on the dmv test and with no stress. There were a couple of questions not on the practice test but they are in the dmv book and mentioned in the other feedback's. I have no need for my class A or hazmat endorsement at this time but like to keep it on my license. You made it stress free and a breeze. Thank you for an excellent product. Worth every penny!

Mike from Connecticut wrote:
I gotta tell ya, this was the best money I ever spent. I studied the practice test and cross referenced this info with the info from the hazmat section off of the state website. I took the hazmat endorsement in 5 minutes. It was ridiculously easy. I was actually disappointed that it wasn't more thorough. Every question that I had was right out of the practice test. Do yourself a favor and get the practice test and save yourself alot of grief.
         Mike from CT

Vernon from Central Point Oregon wrote:
As a truck driver with 20 yrs experience I had have never taken the hazmat test. I tried it on my own 2 times after reading the hazmat section in the drivers book three times. My results went from bad to worse as I failed to pass the test for the second time and I failed worse than the first time. I found this practice test on line and talked to my supervisor and we decided to purchase it. I now have my hazmat endorsement after only one time after studying for a week. This was the best 16 dollars I ever spent. I will be purchasing this test in the future to take my renewal tests as I believe in it that much. Thanks again. No longer stressed.

Jon from Gilroy California wrote:
I was reluctant to paying for a practice test at first, but after two failed tests I gave in. It was well worth the money and it prepared me more than just knowing the answers, but trained my mind to hazmat way of thinking. Thank you very much for the practice tests. Oh, I got 100%.

Ed from California wrote:
Just took my hazmat test for my CDL here in California.
Prior to purchasing your program I failed my first attempt missing 7 questions total. I purchased the program last night and studied one hour the commercial drivers handbook in conjunction with taking your online exam 61 questions. I took your practice exam 4 times until I didn't miss any questions. I took my 2nd exam this am at the DMV and I missed only 1 question and passed my test. You have a great little program and would recommend to anyone out there taking the exam. It definitely has value especially if you need to retake the exam. I suggest to everyone to invest the money and get the test preparation online and take the exams until you don't miss any of the questions, use this in conjunction with the Commercial Drivers Handbook and I am almost certain you will pass the test the first time. If you don't study or take the practice exam, you are wasting your time and money.
    Ed from CA

Charles from West Virginia wrote:
I went and renewed my license yesterday, I kind of flew through the test, missed 1 question, something about the shipping name in Italics, answer would be improper shipping name. Still, most of all the questions you had here were on the test I took, I passed, and renewed my license, it was worth getting access to your site. Thank you,
Charles from WV

Gene from Tennessee wrote:
Wonderful help, would have taken a lot more time and worry if I hadn't found your website. Well, well worth the money spent for practice test. If your serious about passing without so much doubt and worry invest in your own education and get it done! Thirty questions on the Tennessee test, I got them all correct first time. Only a few that were not on the practice test such as symbols for A, W, D, but luckily I did read section 9 HM in handbook about Air, Water, Domestic forms of transportation for HM. Great job, recommend it for everyone!
            Gene from TN

Daniel from North Carolina wrote:
The hazmat test I took at the dmv to renew my cdl and hazmat endorsement was word for word as the test I got from you. BEST MONEY I HAVE EVER SPENT. I read over the test and answers for two days and passed the test with flying colors. Thank you very much! I must say bravo 4 stars. I was in and out of the dmv in 20min flat.
        Thank You
            Daniel C from NC

Burl from Ohio wrote:
Worth every penny......without a doubt the best way to study for this for me .... so many close answers, some obvious, some needed to be on the covered it completely...the only direct question I remember that wasn't discussed was to do with benzine... top loaded over corrosives, I don't remember all the answers given, but the rule is to not top load this flammable over corrosives... hope this helps a little, also the test was only 30 questions. I missed one. again thanks a bunch.
        Burl from OH.

Dennis from Illinois wrote:
Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!! I took hazmat test 11/19/10 without reading the book failed it twice I was a wreck. I went home and studied the book but what helped me most was your ONLINE TEST. I WENT IN THIS MORNING AND PASSED WITH A 100% thanks again the best money I've ever spent thanks again I'll refer your sight too co-workers.
thanks Dennis from IL

Jerry from Connecticut wrote:
Great way to study & get your CDL. My name is Jerry. I am from/in Connecticut. my study time & time to go to the DMV was more limited but I decided to sign-up and try this. I was new to studying for the HAZMAT test and I decided to read the DMV Hazmat manual, then go to each of the 61 questions offered here (without looking at the answers). I answered what I knew I could and go back to the DMV HM Manual when I had a problem, this worked best for me as it stayed with me. Each night I came home I went online answered all the questions (spent about 45 mins/1-hr each night for a week), and it became a breeze I knew all the 61 answers automatically, then I would compare all my answers with those furnished, I would get 100% every night, then my time permitted me to go to the DMV on a Thursday. I passed 100% and to my surprise I finished in less than 4 minutes the actual test (less than when the DMV inspector had my full paper work done). If you study this online with the HAZMAT Manual, and do the questions you cant go wrong. I consider this a real good investment. My CT test had questions of: radioactive materials indexing, HM shipping papers, HM closest to buildings, fires, HM within distances at railroad track crossings, responsibilities of drivers-shippers-carriers, cargo tanks, placarding a HM vehicle, HM accident responsibilities, HM vehicle flat tire what to do, spills/containment, etc etc. It is not a long test but the questions are really varied. I didn't have any questions on the test that were not in the study (oh by the way the DMV HM Manual has questions at the end of each chapter HOWEVER none of these questions in DMV format were on my test - so beware of HM manual questions/studying only!), this is a great way to pass your HM test, also a fast way to get the knowledge of it in your head. I recommend this study for anybody. I signed up for a month, and still go back and read these questions at night till my time is up, even after I passed my test! Hope the above helps someone out there.

Ed from Lancaster Texas wrote:
Dear Sir: I bought your product this morning after failing my haz-mat test yesterday at my local DMV here, outside of Dallas. I went over your questions and memorized the 10 or so I got wrong. I then re-read the questions and went back to the DMV I walked out one hour later after making a "100", and got every question right, even while a little baby screamed the entire time I was trying to take the written test. the $10.00 I spent on your product, was the best $10.00 bucks I think I have every spent,(except maybe back in 1971 for a hooker while I was in the 11th grade). Thanks for the help! After reading your material, I was able to take the haz-mat test with confidence and knowing I knew the material. Many of the questions you have were the exact questions on the Texas haz-mat test. Thanks again for the help!
Ed H.
Lancaster, TX

Terry from Madan North Dakota wrote:
That was the best 12.99 that I have ever spent. I studied the practice test for an hour and went up to the DMV, And took the test. SCORED a 98%. Thanks again, it was more than worth it.
Thanks Terry from ND

Roy from Leesburg, Ohio wrote:
Thanks for making this test available to me it was just accurate to the T. I hadn't had the hazmat on my license for 6 years, logged on last night at 12:30am studied the practice test until 2:00am, went to bed got up at 8:00am, went to DMV at 9:00am, passed the hazmat test with flying colors, out the door by 9:20, so cool all those nerves and worries for nothing. Keeping your web site on file for next refresher course. Hooked up through Bing web search. Thanks again.
--Roy from OH

George from Berkshires, Massachusetts wrote:
Hi, Must say this was the best $10 for the hazmat study course I've spent in a long time. 1st time I went in with a know-it-all attitude & failed, after your study course 1 wrong. Now I'm certified again. Thanks again. George from MA

John from Winnabow, North Carolina wrote:
Your practice test questions were a great tool in helping prepare for the endorsement test. Two of the NC DMV questions were not on the practice tests. I did miss one question about how soon must you report a spill (30 days, I chose 15). Thank you for this helpful site, it's well worth the price.
-John from NC

Al from Nevada City, California wrote:
Thanks! Passed my haz mat and six other tests all at once by studying from your website! Great product!
-- Al from NV

Sherry from Oregon wrote:
Hey, Thanks for the hazmat practice test it was great. just took my test at the dmv scored 100%. I studied for two weeks from the manual and your material did more for me in one night than the last two weeks.Thanks again! I will recommend this to my friends looking to get their hazmat.
Sherry from OR

Torrey from Oregon wrote:
Hello, I signed up for your practice test yesterday jan 13th went through the test three times last night and once this morning . Went to the dmv and passed with 100% thanks the practice test was a great help. I haven't needed a hazmat endorsement the last seven years but i am trying to go overseas and i needed it. Or to even get a better job here. anyway thanks for the help i will pass along the great website.
--Torey from OR

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